Event Schedule


10:00 AM

June 17

Splash Pad Meetup

Meet us at the Oregon Rec. Splash Pad and let the kids play and cool off. 

10:00 AM

June 24

Park Playdate

Meet us at the Airport Highway side of Swan Creek Park for a morning playdate. 

10:00 AM

July 1

Park Playdate

Grab some take out or pack a picnic and join us for a playdate at Cedar Creek Park.

5:30 PM

July 6

Ice cream Meetup/Playdate

Join us for some ice cream and fun at Freeze Daddy’s.

10:00 AM

July 8

Park Playdate

Meet us at the Toledo Botanical Gardens’ playground for some fun in the magic forest. 

1:00 PM

July 11

Park Playdate

Join us at Pearson Park and let the kids play while you meet some awesome moms.

06:00 PM

July 13

Executive Moms meetup

Meet us for Food Truck Tuesday. Let’s celebrate summer and enjoy some yummy food trucks at Conrad Park.