The Mother’s Center of Greater Toledo curates events to help get moms together (with and without kids) in order to forge friendships and build a community. 

Scroll down for our calendar of upcoming events.

 We like to have fun and want you to join us. We invite non-members to attend one event for free to see what we are all about. Come check us out at one of our upcoming events!

Weekly Meetings 


Our weekly meetings provide a non-judgmental forum where we can share the challenges and joys of parenting and also provide much needed relief from the isolation that many mothers may experience.

During most meetings, guest speakers and experts from within the community address topics such as health, education, discipline, finances, and child development, as well as a wide variety of other relevant topics. 

Social Events 


In addition to weekly meetings, the Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo offers a multitude of opportunities to make new friends and to take part in a variety of social activities. These include Infant & Toddler Playgroups, Mom’s Nights Out, Couples’ Nights Out, Educational events, and Book Club.

In addition to these events, the social committee schedules several kid-friendly events a month. These events are held at different times and on different days so that everyone can find something to accommodate their schedule. 

Community Outreach


The goal of the Community Outreach program at the Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo is to provide members with the opportunity to support organizations that assist local, needy women and children. Volunteer activities include both donation drives and service opportunities so that mothers can find something to fit both their budget and their time. Activities will include moms’ only, couples’ only, and family opportunities.

      COVID -19 Safety and Precautions

We know when to have fun and when to stay safe. In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19 , we are maintaining our Speakers and talks as virtual events and our in-person events will be outdoors as much as possible for the 2021-2022 program.  

Upcoming Events Schedule




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