Because community matters and we all need support.

It’s about more than being a mom

We think being a mom is great and most days, we enjoy it. But let’s be real, being a mom is also challenging and hard. In those harder times we all need support.

At Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo, you will find other moms just like you who try their best every day to be the mothers they dream of being. You will find friends for you and your kids, shoulders to cry on when you need just that, or a collective to go on a girls’ night out.

Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo offers a lot of perks besides the obvious friendships you’ll definitely make.

Read on for more information.

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Membership is open to any parent or guardian in the Greater Toledo area.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact any of our Membership Co-Chairs either at a weekly meeting or by using the online contact form .

We will send you detailed information on the perks of being a member. Once your dues are paid, you will be an official member. Membership dues are $40/year, payable in October.

Scholarships may be available to waive or reduce membership fees for those who have fiscal hardship. If you have any questions concerning dues please contact us, we will be happy to help.

How to Join


If you’d like to become a member, here’s a couple ways you can do so.

The Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo holds an Open House event for prospective members twice a year, once in spring and once in the fall. Please check our calendar of events or follow us on Facebook  for more details.

Prospective members may also attend one regular Thursday meeting or one  Social meeting  for free at any time during the year to preview our group. Make sure to like our Facebook page and check our Events page to see our programs.

In the summer, while our programming is on hold, you can join any park play-date to meet some moms and decide if the group is a good fit for you.



Ready to join us? Not quite sure yet? Don’t hesitate to contact us or come join us at a play-date.


For more information, please contact Membership by using our online  contact form .

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Membership Benefits


We said it’s about more than being a mom and we mean it. Being a member of Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo is also about being a friend, a strong woman, a career woman, a caring woman.

As a member you’ll enjoy these benefits:

• Weekly meetings with experts on a variety of topics (Baby sleep, self care and mental health…).

• Private Baby-Sitting Co-op options for whenever you need a break.

• Private online Facebook group access to stay connected to all members.

• Support during and after pregnancy or in case of hospital stay or emergency.

• Social events on weekdays and/or weekends for moms, children, families, and couples.

• Play-dates at the park or members’ homes.

• Moms’ Nights Out.

• Couples’ Nights Out.

• Book Club (Although not exclusive to MCGT members, it was created as part of the group).

• Leadership & volunteer opportunities to stay involved in our group and community.

• Community outreach activities and involvement, because we love giving back.